Dr. Carolin Müller

About Me

I'm a chemist passionate about unraveling the mysteries behind the behaviour of photoexcited molecules and materials using a combination of high-end spectroscopic, computational chemistry and data science methods.

Recent Posts

July 31, 2023

International Symposium on Photochemistry and Photophysics of Coordination Compounds (ISPPCC) 2023

An exhilarating gathering of around 300 participants took place at this year’s International Symposium on Photochemistry and Photophysics of Coordination Compounds (ISPPCC) 2023 in Ulm, where a stimulating exchange of scientific knowledge unfolded. As an invited speaker at the pre-conference for young researchers and early-career scientists, known as ySPPCC, I had a remarkable opportunity to present crucial academic career strategies to the enthusiastic audience.

June 08, 2023

Bunsen-Tagung 2023

About 500 participants gathered for a stimulating exchange of scientific knowledge at this year’s Bunsen Meeting 2023, a renowned conference in the field of physical chemistry. Being a participant at the conference, I had the chance to make several contributions. On the one hand, I had the opportunity to present my research by giving a talk. On the other hand, as an active member of the Young Physical Chemists (yPCs) of the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry e.V., I was involved in the organization and execution of the penal discussion PhD – and then? as well as a juror for the Agnes-Pockels PhD award.

June 01, 2023

Trick 17: My 'AHA' Moment of May 2023

In our everyday lives, we often encounter situations where a little ingenuity can make a big difference. Whether it’s finding a creative solution to a problem or discovering an unexpected technique, these “tricks” can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

May 04, 2023

Science Beyond the Lab: My 'AHA' Moment of April 2023

The scientific community is constantly evolving and growing, and it is essential to stay up to date with the latest developments, gain new insights, and share experiences. Workshops and networking events are key ways to achieve these goals. As someone who has had the opportunity to co-organize a workshop in Finland (see here), I can attest to the value of these events firsthand.

April 25, 2023

ESTML 2023 Workshop

I am thrilled to announce that the ESTML 2023 conference , I co-organized with Adil Kabylda , Hilda Sandström, and Ransell D’Souza, just wrapped up in Levi, Lapland! The event featured 19 talks and 6 posters, and brought together three renowned research groups: Alexandre Tkatchenko (University of Luxembourg), Patrick Rinke (Aalto University), and Milica Todorović (University of Turku). The quality of the talks, posters, and discussions was incredible, and I’m immensely grateful to everyone who helped make this conference a success.

April 20, 2023

Thuringian Research Award

I am excited to announce that our research team, which included my PhD supervisor Prof. Benjamin Dietzek-Ivansic, Dr. Linda Zedler, and myself, has been awarded with the prestigious Thuringian Research Award in the category of Applied research.

April 03, 2023

ABT – A Writing Game-Changer: My 'AHA' Moment of March 2023

As a scientist, I am passionate about effectively communicating my research findings to my colleagues and the wider scientific community. I know first-hand that one of the biggest challenges in writing scientific papers is to organise and present the results clearly and concisely. And in the last month I was busy writing scientific texts ✍️. But when I discovered the ABT rule, it was a game-changer❕

March 01, 2023

Large Files and Git: My 'AHA' Moment of February 2023

Have you ever faced the panic of trying to push your changes to your GitHub repository, only to be met with an error message? Recently, I found myself in such a situation when I accidentally tried to push a file that exceeded the 100 MB storage limit. In this blog post, I will share with you how to undo a commit with large files and provide one way how to avoid this situation at all. Spoiler alert: gitignore.io will be your new best friend❕

January 25, 2023

Chemistry Meets AI: Insights from Industry Experts

As a member of the young Physical Chemists of the German Bunsen Society, I was thrilled to organize a lecture on the topic of ‘AI in Chemistry’ in our lecture series yPC meets industry. On the 25th of January, 75 participants eager to learn about the most recent advancements in the field of AI in chemistry attended the online seminar.